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Environment Pollution


Making recycled, sustainably resourced, and zero waste products easily accessible.

Rekindle Upcycling is an environmentally conscious online boutique that promotes and enables zero waste living and helps make the transition of breaking free from plastic an easier process. Now that I am personally pursuing and making the change myself, I am noticing how difficult it is to locate sustainable environmentally friendly products that have the environment in mind first before profit not only in their product, but also in their packaging. I also found it difficult to find basic things I think should already be included in the recycled/upcycled retail market. As well as products that offer everyday products in biodegradable and recyclable packaging not only in the country that has recycling restrictions, but even in other countries that have yet been able to establish a waste management and recycling infrastructure.

Our goal is to make it easier and more accessible to my consumers to have access to goods that are practicing sustainable and environmentally friendly practices to conduct business. I want to make my carbon footprint as small as possible and not have to jump through hoops to do so. With all this, the ideas manifested, and we created Rekindle Upcycling. We need a platform that offers these products and brings zero waste and sustainable environmentally friendly products to the people who are also conscious on their impact to the environment. I was assuming this was mainstream, but the products really are not. Making this kind of lifestyle even more difficult than what it already is. Yes, it is a change and a drastic one but why not make this easier where we can. we have already made it hard on ourselves with how our society is centered around single use plastics and promoting plastic consumer societies. That is where Rekindle Upcycling will come in. We will be that missing link and connection to help make this change more easily adaptable, easier to access, and easier to incorporate into our every day lives.

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Gift Wrapped


Beautiful Gifts, Unbeatable Prices

At Rekindle Upcycling, we take the art of gift-giving very seriously and strive to make your experience as fun and efficient as possible. We opened our Online Gift Boutique for those who are always on the lookout for that perfect item: affordable, lasting and beautiful.

All of our gifts are sourced by our professional buyers, who have years of experience in finding great products at unbeatable prices. Our team members are committed to assisting you in finding the items you’re looking for and are there for your every need. Come in for a visit today!

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